I started as a developer many years ago, like most of us in the CMS space, it was initially with Joomla, or as it was still called back then, mambo. Over the years my focus began to expand outside of the CMS world, spent some time as a Full-Stack developer working PHP and even dabbling a bit in the DevOps space.

I soon, however, realised my true passion lies in the Front-end space and began to focus on the visual, end-user-facing aspects of the web, with a balance between CSS and jQuery, soon after that though I began to focus even further into pure ECMAScript especially current and continuous evolution of it with next.

With that, I spent a number of years focusing on web applications built in React with some time spent in Node/Express-based back-ends, but mainly for simple BFF layer implementations and basic CRUD API's with some MongoDB sprinkled in.

Currently, work has me focusing and mostly learning flutter which I am finding I really enjoy, but it is a very different space compared to the JS world that I am very familiar with.

Outside of the workspace, I spend a lot of time out on the trails, trying to find that balance between Trail Running and Mountain biking, which I find are among the best ways to debug those really challenging problems, and the ones related to code and just get away, disconnect and reset.